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P4F Projects Passion4Freedom is inviting project proposals from 4th year B.Tech/BE students of any discipline. The project should be GPL compliant and based on Free Technology. It can be a hardware/software project both. Upon successful completion the participants will be awarded with certification. Mail your ideas at adm@fossug.com

P4F in Delhi/NCR As I am currently a resident of Delhi/NCR region I can take care of local requests and am available for public speaking. – Abhradip Mukherjee

CD/DVD Requests P4F is now planning to launch a new service of couriering CD/DVDs India wide. Anybody interested can contact adm@fossug.com to become a supplier. We are also planning for a web end for taking the requests online.

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RMS in Science CityRichard Matthew Stallman giving speech at Science City Seminar at IOTA on December 2008. The day when people and general students of West Bengal for the first time came into close contact of the great leader of the Free Software Movement. His mesmerizing personality overtook the control for the day. He interrupted in every attempt when other speakers tried to call GNU OS as Linux. He patiently answered every question thrown at him, He made everybody feel the need for adopting libre soft. He inspired.

Passion4Freedom till that date was just another Free Software User Group. A few months old but high on moral, freedom lover hactivist group. That day it transformed into a larger organization. In that seminar we met several other like minded people. Some journalists, some hobbyists, some professors and some peer groups. We came together. Became stronger. Took the oath of making it possible. We are India’s first Freedom in Technology Supporter and Developer Network (FTSDN). No FOSS user group, no hobby culture to let in any unprofessional behavior. Currently with 141 strong supporters spread all across India and abroad we are determined to reach our goal. Our goal is not unrealistic but very simple. We want to make the voice of freedom in technology to be audible to everybody in this world. All that is needed to be done to achieve that goal is what we do. This website serves as the central point for all the widespread activity. For example here you can find all that important contacts in your region telling you about either us or free technology movement at large. We guide you and update you on your way to become one of us – The Hackers.

Dont worry, we are not those evil hackers who will hack people’s home. We are people who love to get into the system, understand it and make it better to suit our needs. We encourage make GNU Linux more friendly to you by hacking every small bit of it. We try to convince you to join our world where you are free to take the technology from us and return us after making your improvisations. We are a vibrant community, enjoy being with us.


Interested contributors can contact at adm@fossug.com
CD DVD Request Management System : As mentioned earlier we have planned to build up an Online Request Management System.

Release of ADMOS Edu beta 1 : We are looking for beta testers of ADMOS-Edu. If you know any school management who will interested in helping us with the beta testing please let us know.


Interested contributors can contact at adm@fossug.com

Spoken-Tutorial.ORG : This is a website of MHRD and IIT-B. We have been contacted to fossify their currrent system and provide an alternative to flash video management system that they have. The idea is to use HTML 5 and ogg as alternatives.